Precision Eyeliner Pen

Say hello to a hassle-free application experience! This innovative eyeliner pen will forever change the way you apply falsies.

This new formula contains 3-1 features—fast-drying, adhesive, and waterproof. In addition, its versatile nature makes this pen a top choice for any style of eyelashes, whether it's a strip, transparent band, or used as a traditional eyeliner.

Our precise adhesive pen did not get its name in vain. The sharp tip gives you 100% control of movement. The fabulously crafted formula is so smooth that the pen will glide on your eyelids. As a result, you will perfect the tamper sections of your eye makeup flawlessly, quickly, and mess-free! 


  • Apply eyelashes anytime, anywhere.
  • Waterproof formula, see our cleanser oil for an easy removal process
  • 100% no damage to your natural eyelashes
  • Carbon black formula
  • Last over 50 applications


  • $8.99
- $-8.99