Groom and Zoom Lash Wand Protector

Ah, the struggle of a lash enthusiast. The joy of batting long, luxurious lashes is always hampered by the damnation of a dirty lash wand. Who knew it was so difficult to keep those things clean? But fear not, my friends! Our Groom and Zoom lash wand protector is here to save the day. With this genius invention, your lashes will be on fleek, and your lash wand will always stay clean and stylish. You'll be able to groom those lashes to perfection and zoom out of the door without a care. Dirty lash wands? NOT TODAY, SATAN. 

Highlighted Features 

  • Reusable and long-lasting- the lash wand is replaceable and fits most lash wands perfectly. Groom and Zoom ensure that your beauty routine is not just beautiful but investment conscious.
  • Clean and hygienic- with Groom and Zoom Lash Wand Protector! This ultra-light design tube will keep your lash wand safe from dirt, dust, and germs, so you can always rock those luscious lashes without worries. 
  • Easy to find-Say goodbye to the days of digging around in your purse like it's a black hole. Instead, say hello to effortlessly beautiful lashes, all thanks to our handy-dandy tube. Bring on the compliments, baby!
  • $3.99
- $-3.99