Caitlyn, the premium vegan lashes with the hottest, sexiest wink in the room. These lashes are so comfortable, and you will forget they are not your natural lashes. 

About Our Brand

Ready to Lash Out firmly stand behind inclusion, diversity, and self-love. Everyone deserves the chance to feel and look their best. So let's redefine beauty and carve out a space for everyone!

Highlighted Features

  • 100% cruelty-free. 100% handmade. 100% drop-dead gorg.
  • Cotton lash bands exclusively made in Korea. Stunning lashes worn all over the world.
  • With proper care comes up to 25 times of use.
  • Fabulously light and durable. For someone fabulously charming and magnetic.
  • 25mm lashes. For 24hrs of comfortable wear.
  • $8.99
  • $19.00
- $10.01