Puff & Peaches

Introducing the Puffy &┬áPeaches ­čŹĹ makeup blender - the two-in-one must-have for a flawless finish. Voted the cutest sponge by users, Ready to Lash Out's exclusive blender boasts extra-soft, latex-free foam that delivers a skin-like finish every time. Each┬áblender comes in a protective plastic bubble container for maximum softness and perfection. Get excited and achieve flawless makeup results with the Momo Peachy blender. ­čśŹ


  • Get flawless coverage:┬áPuff & Peaches is here to give you the perfect airbrushed look. It's unique shape and soft material make the application a dream, so you can wave goodbye to those streaks and patches!
  • Works with liquid and dry foundation┬á- The ultimate all-in-one makeup tool, Puff & Peaches, works effortlessly with both liquid and dry foundations to give you full coverage every time.
  • Ultra-absorbent puff:┬áThis lightweight puff absorbs your favorite product to be perfectly transferred onto your skin. Bye-bye, messy fingers!
  • Oil-resistant and extra soft:┬áPamper yourself with a luxurious experience as you apply makeup! Our oil-resistant sponge won't let your foundation slip away, while its different delicate design gives you a comfortable feel
  • $7.99
- $-7.99