Blended with Love Sponge

Attention all beauty gurus and makeup enthusiasts: get ready to fall in love because we've got a new player in town. The exclusive Blended with Love sponge has arrived, and we couldn't be more excited. It's like a relationship with your makeup, only better because this sponge won't ghost you. The high-definition, effortless application is so dreamy that you won't even need to fake it till you make it. And with the latest water activate technology, you'll feel like you're carrying a cloud in your makeup bag. So say goodbye to the days of cakey foundation and hello to a skin-like finish with minimal product. Trust us; this blender will have you saying "I heart you" to your reflection in no time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Get flawless coverage: Blended with Love is here to give you the perfect airbrushed look. It's unique shape and soft material make the application a dream, so you can wave goodbye to those streaks and patches!

  • Works with liquid and dry foundation - The ultimate all-in-one makeup tool, Puff & Peaches, works effortlessly with both liquid and dry foundations to give you full coverage every time.

  • Ultra-absorbent puff: This lightweight sponge absorbs your favorite product to be perfectly transferred onto your skin. Bye-bye, messy fingers!

    • $5.99
    • $16.00
    - $10.01