Rainbow Collection

At Ready to Lash Out, we are strong believers in diversity, inclusion, and equality.  

We truly believe there’s no one as unique and beautiful as you. No matter your style or your taste, there is no one just like you. Because beauty doesn’t have to look like what anyone else thinks. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And We. See. You. Start loving your body, your face, and your especially your eyes again.

At Ready to Lash out, we believe everyone deserves the chance to feel and look their best. That’s why we firmly stand behind, inclusion, diversity, and being bold with the way we look. So, let’s not cave in to how others define beauty. Let’s redefine it and carve out a space for everyone.

This Rainbow collection truly represents our hearts, minds and the very single core value that drives us in everything we do!

So please level up that killer smize, flutter your lashes, and be part of a lifestyle that embraces and supports inclusivity with this Rainbow collection, regardless of race, gender, age or sexual orientation! Achieve what you've come to expect from the perfect set of falsie but with a little extra, just like you! 

Together, we can show the world our true color proudly, firmly, one eyelash at a time! 

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