Together we PRIDE

We are introducing you to the World's Best Rainbow lash collection! At Ready to Lash Out, we are strong believers in diversity, inclusion, and equality. We’ve launched this collection to showcase our beliefs. We invested our hearts and minds in the product, aiming to address and acknowledge all, regardless of race, gender, and age! Now this collection has become the go-to pack for people who are wanting to make a statement without ever saying a word, letting the queer community and allies know which color they represent in the rainbow flag.

In this exclusive edition, we’ve experimented with five various colors. From hot pink to salient blue and sunshine yellow to a distinctive rainbow, this varied collection will surely steal your heart.

The lashes are made out of cruelty-free mink and assembled with premium cotton bands that are incredibly flexible for personalization.

Level up that killer smile, flutter your lashes and be part of the movement to embrace and support inclusivity by rocking this rainbow-themed collection. Enjoy what you've come to expect from the perfect set of falsies but with a little extra, just like you!

What Else to Know?

What's more amazing than rainbow lashes that signify unity? There are two variants! Our Rainbow collection variants are ideal for parties, raves, marches, and simply making an ordinary day more colorful! No pun intended. 😊  

Here is our promise: these will be the most interesting lashes you've at any point possessed!  Upon ordering, you will discover a new universe of colorful lashes, and you can’t resist but dive into the absolute love of colors!  

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% cruelty-free. 100% handmade. 100% drop-dead gorg.
  • Cotton lash brands are exclusively made in Korea. Stunning lashes are worn all over the world.
  • Non-Toxic Quality: Made of skin-safe high-grade fiber
  • Easy to use: Easy to apply and remove, best for regular and professional use.
  • Reusable: With proper care, it comes up to 25 times of use!
  • Perfect: Fabulously light and durable. For someone fabulously charming and magnetic.
  •  24hrs of comfortable wear. 
  • $8.99
  • $42.00
- $33.01