Gemini Syndrome

Seriously, how can you stay so gorgeous when you have multiple streams of income to handle?

We may not know your full story but we know one thing is for sure. These pair of fab lashes are another way for you to express how you are comparable to a sparkling diamond - multifaceted and super valuable. The fiery mix of deep red and zesty yellow is a representation of the fire inside a beautiful fighter like you. Now go make your numerous dreams come true while looking on point.

We know you’re busy and have a bunch of things popping on your head right now that are not related to these gorgeous lashes. So, let’s make things easier for you, you girlboss! You grind and slay at the same time and are in dire need of lashes that scream your passion for fashion and success. These. Are. Them.


Highlighted Features:

  • 100% cruelty-free. 100% handmade. 100% drop-dead gorg.
  • Cotton lash bands exclusively made in Korea. Stunning lashes worn all over the world.
  • With proper care comes up to 25 times of use.
  • Fabulously light and durable. For someone fabulously charming and magnetic.
  • For 24hrs of comfortable wear
  • $8.99
  • $19.00
- $10.01