All Eyes on Me-Halloween Limited Edition

People, are you ready to cause some severe neck strain? Well, it's time to bust out the All Eyes On Me Kit! We heard your cries for fuller lashes and a bolder look from the original Halloween Lash Kit.  And voila, the perfect solution was born! Say goodbye to wimpy lashes because we've got your back with our fuller, bolder options. And let's be honest, who doesn't love a little extra drama in their look? Each kit comes with five amazing lashes that will have people doing double left and right. So get ready to slay because heads will be turning, jaws will be dropping, and you'll feel like a total boss with the All Eyes On Me Kit.

Option A

  • Butter Me Up

  • May the Greens Be with You

  • Banana Split

  • Flutter and Wink

  • Scary Terry

Option B

  • Chasing Sunshine

  • Spicy Mulberry

  • Karen from Finance 

  • New York Runway 

  • Patrick, the ambitious 

About Our Company

At Ready to Lash Out, we believe in inclusion, diversity, and self-love. Our mission is to empower everyone to feel and look their best. Join us as we redefine beauty and create a welcoming space for all.

Highlighted Features

  • 100% cruelty-free – Ready to lash out is 100% cruelty-free and helps you look great while doing your part. Our lashes are always handmade with care and the highest quality materials and fabrics to ensure a beautiful finish, no matter how often you wear them.
  • Cotton Lash Band- Our cotton lash bands are exclusively made in Korea from the finest natural fibers and fabrics. They're light and durable for unparalleled comfort and glamour all day. You can use them up to 25 times for unrivaled value with proper care.
  • High-Quality Lashes – Our drop-dead gorgeous lashes add volume or an elegant glance for any occasion. For 24 hours of comfortable wear, our lashes are perfect for everyday use or special events that call for extra panache.
  • Lash Length- Ready to lash out has everything from elegant natural lengths to long, lush ones, giving you plenty of options to play with whatever look your heart desires! Get ready to fall in Love with these beautiful lashes that will make you feel even more charming, glamorous, and magnetic than ever!
  • $25.00
- $-25.00