Why false lashes instead of extension?

Why false lashes instead of extension?

| yang Nesbitt

Looking for lovely fluttery eyelashes? Are you confused about choosing between falsies and extensions? Undoubtedly, the false colorful lashes are great. False colorful lashes fulfill your craving for long luscious lashes, but why is this option of false colorful lashes better? This article will discuss in detail false lashes, their application, maintenance, and diversity of colorful lashes having no medical damage.

What are false lashes? 

Alluded to as falsies, false lashes are non-permanent, stripy hairs glued to your natural eyelashes to add a glamorous and natural volume to your lashes. False lashes are phenomenal and trending in the market like no other. These falsies execute your dream of dark, long and feathery eyelashes. Another trend of colorful false lashes has sprung up in the cosmetic world to your exact wish.

Why false lashes? 

Lashes have become a wonder throughout the long term, making you look good to glam in seconds. False lashes are the must-have and most easy-to-go accessories as compared to complex extensions. Let's dive into the factors that make false lashes the best option.


  1. Diversity of False Colorful lashes

From various lengths and volumes, there's one to fit each eye shape. The most phenomenal ones are the colorful lashes. Colorful lashes are trending toward the gaudy and flamboyant, enhancing the natural eye color, ending up with a more traditional look. Eyelash extensions are deprived of this amazing feature as you have to go with the same infill for weeks and months.

While you can select any color you need and the level of hued lashes stanzas standard dark lashes applied, and even a modified multicolor look, another methodology is to pick that will enhance your natural eye tone. 



  1. Easy application

False lashes are superb, lightweight and their application is a doddle. No rocket science or special technical skill is required to get your favorite utopian look with false lashes. On the other hand, eyelash extensions require a pricey infill from a skilled person. While in the case of false eyelashes, just measure the strip against your real eyelid, trim off the abundance, apply the super lash glue and spot them kissing your lash line, and here you go. Likely to application, false lashes are easy to remove. 


  1. Low maintenance

Unlike extensions, using false lashes, you don't have to visit your makeup artist or technician all the way every twice or thrice a week to get an infill. No special or expensive upkeep is required for the use of false lashes. The only supplies are the lashes, glue, and your eyes ready to go dramatic! Then again, upkeep is trickier for lash extensions. Right off the bat, you can't get lash extensions wet for 48 hours after completing them. Besides, it is additionally significant that you keep away from oil cleaning agents and cotton cushions. Furthermore, wearing mascara is, for the most part, off-limits with lash extensions. 

  1. Reusable

False lashes can be used only once in a while; it is a total myth. False lashes taken off with care can be reused easily following the same application process as before. Lash extensions, once removed, technically can never be used again. Colorful lashes make the eyes look greater, cause the eyes to be more attractive, and are easily reusable.


  1. No medical damage

Extension lashes shed with your lash cycle, and relying upon irregularity; your lashes may shed faster, causing permanent damage to your lashes. Whereas on either side, whatever structure of color lashes are used, they wouldn't pose a single side effect on your eyes. False lashes range from attempting to be stylishly satisfying to having more certainty and can be worn by having some clinical issues, such as sickness and ailments like alopecia.


Bottom line: 


To conclude, false lashes offer liveliness to your face, enhancing your eyes. Colorful lashes are the key to making your eyes pop and are amazing to apply as compared to lash extensions. Aesthetically, false colorful lashes can change the shape and dramatize the eyes. Furthermore, false lashes let you express your independence. The subtle flecks of color create an appealing, bold image.