How Do I Choose My Eyelashes?

How Do I Choose My Eyelashes?

| yang Nesbitt

How Do I Choose My Eyelashes?

Those who have not yet try false lashes probably have many doubts when doing so. We will answer all the doubts that usually arise when using lashies for the first time.

Which ones to start with?

For a special occasion such as a wedding or an evening event, it is not advisable to start with the classic full strip. Instead, it's easiest to start with a half strip, like accent lashes or even trios of lashes. Alternatively, you can check our starter collection here.

We must bear in mind that if we choose a complete strip of eyelashes, we will have to adjust it to the size of our eye (cutting it if necessary) and place it so that it adapts perfectly. And this, the first time, is not usually easy.

If we still opt for full strips, the easiest thing to do is start with an invisible one (with a colorless base) since they are more flexible and adapt quickly to the eye.

Which ones suit me better?

Once we enter the universe of false eyelashes, we will see that countless designs depend on the shape and effects that we want to achieve. To find the type of eyelash that best suits us, it is essential to take into account the shape of our eyes:

  • Small eyes: too long, thick, or dramatic eyelashes are not appropriate for this type of eye since they tend to make it smaller. Instead, if this is our case, we can opt for trios or individual eyelashes placed on the outer half of the eye.
  • Big eyes: in this case, we can choose different eyelashes without fear that the eye will look more closed or small. For example, full and bushy lashes.
  • Almond eyes: it is the most versatile eye shape, allowing you to show off any eyelash. Individual lashes placed at the end of the eye look especially good.
  • Round eyes: to compensate, we can try somewhat longer eyelashes than the standard ones.
  • Eyes together: in this case, we must opt ​​for eyelashes whose length goes from less to more (from the tear to the outer corner) to cause a visual effect of separation.
  • Sunken eyes: this type of eye is more favored to a kind of eyelashes in which the length alternates (short and medium eyelashes are interspersed with long ones).
  • Droopy eyes: in these cases, we must avoid excessively thick and dramatic eyelashes, especially if they have a visible base. Those that go from less to more, from the inside out, are appropriate) and the accent-type half lashes.

Which type of glue is recommended?

You will see that there are two types of glue for false eyelashes: black and transparent. Without a doubt, transparency is more appropriate if we do not have much experience because we will avoid staining the eyelid during the placement of the eyelashes.

However, once we have started placing these hairpieces, we will verify that the black glue is perfectly camouflaged between the shadows and the black outlines, which is very useful to achieve a natural finish.